World’s Greatest Dads

A father’s love is something that can’t be simply expressed in words. Perhaps, these images tell a better story of how much a dad can love his child. Compiled from all over the world, these stories of dads are truly remarkable, and go on to show how much of a giving soul it takes to be a dad.


This Man Carried His Disabled Child 18 Miles to School Every Day

Here is a Chinese father, whose son is disabled. But, the family does not earn enough to provide better transportation means to the kid. That doesn’t mean that this courageous father was going to let his son suffer for life. He carried him to school daily on his back to ensure that he gets the education he deserves. The fact that he had to walk 18 miles combined to and from the school did not stop him from fulfilling his task every day. Hats off to his love.


Stepfather Turns His Son’s Wheelchair into a Tank

This stepfather has once and for all settled the fact that blood is not everything. He has a 6 year old stepson, who is wheelchair bound. This usually means missing all the fun that friends his age would be having at celebrations. Not in this case. His stepfather turned his wheelchair into a tank for the Halloween. This is the raddest thing we have seen a step-father get into. Kudos to all the loving step-fathers.


This Father-Son Duo Competes Against the World

If you put yourself completely into something, then nothing is impossible. This dad exemplifies this statement in the most heartwarming way. When his son was born disabled, he could have simply accepted it as fate. Instead, he chose to defy fate. He then did the unthinkable. He took his disabled son to marathons. This father-son duo has participated in numerous athletic events, and the father is seen pushing his son’s wheelchair along the course. This is how they spend quality time together, defying the nature.


This Hero Does Come in Capes, Many Capes Actually

Different fathers have different ways of celebrating their parenthood. Dale Price decided to do it in his own unique way. He dropped his son almost every day of his school. And each time he did, he bid goodbye to his son in a different costume. Over the course of an entire year, this superhero dad dropped his son as everything from the Terminator to Merida from the movie Brave. He had donned about 170 costumes over the course of the year.


This Man Carries His Son’s Childhood With Him

Here is a man who has tattooed on his body every drawing that his son has made since he was 5. He is a walking, talking memory bank of his son’s childhood. The drawings are like what any kid’s scribbling looks like. There is no limit to how far dads can go for their kids.