Tips On How To Be The Coolest Dad Ever

Parenting is the toughest job in the world. While it is an exhilarating experience to welcome a new life that is the splitting image of ourselves, it does not prepare us for all the responsibilities that it entails. Sure, if parenting came with an instruction manual, a lot of us would have been much happier. But, in the real world, no book can match the instincts, and unconditional love that parents bestow on their children. There is a lot you will learn during your journey through the parenthood. But, for now, these tips should get you started on how to become the coolest dad ever for your little angel.


Let Yourself Loose

Be yourself’ is a pretty common parenting advice you might have got from others, which you promptly threw out the window. Well, there is more to that than you thought. Most dads have a great sense of humor. We think of ourselves as standup comedians, and chances are that your partner fell in love with your sense of humor too. So, now you finally have a completely fresh audience that only you can entertain. Dress up the little baby in creative ways, click funny pictures, and do whatever you think is funny. After all, what else do those little buggers do all day anyway? Just be careful with them, that’s all.


Share Responsibilities

The surest way to become the “Best Dad Ever” is by doing everything you can. By everything, we mean everything. You and your spouse share each responsibility equally. There shouldn’t be anything that only you, or the child’s mother should do. You should change the diapers, cook food for the family, and let your child polish your nails if they want to. Only when they see how you and your wife share everything, do they develop a lasting respect for you.


Be Official Memory Maker

In addition to making memories for a lifetime with your baby, also learn to capture them forever. When your children grow up, they will love the effort and time you spent on capturing their childhood. Every time they look at pictures of their younger selves, and smile at them, they will feel warm, remembering you and the days spent with you.


Make Their Dreams Happen

Whether they wish to wear a princess costume for a party, have a tea party with you, apply makeup on you, or dress you up for Halloween, you have no say in the matter. You may be a man. But, when your little angel wants you to be Cinderella, you dress up as Cinderella. This will show them that their father is a confident man, who isn’t afraid of any gender roles. It will also develop a strong character within them.


Participate In their Little World

In the beginning, it could be as simple as playing with their favorite stuffed toys. As they grow, their priorities change, and new things begin to capture their attention. It can be Facebook, cheerleading, sports, or something else. Do not force yourself into their life. Just try to encourage them in whatever they are doing, and keep helping them find the right and better ways of doing things. Sometimes, letting them fall may be just the thing they need as a wake-up call.