Coolest Dads in the World

There are cool dads. Then, there are these. These dads can only be termed as exceptional. Dads can be tough on us sometimes, and we usually see them as the disciplinary force of the family. But, they too have a heart. These dads just prove that they have a heart full of love, understanding, and unconditional support for their children.


Skirts Unite Them

Most of the dads will be at their wit’s end if they come to know that their son wants to dress up as a girl. We might even chide him or force him to dress up “properly”. But not this dad. He wants his son to grow up to be a confident, self-assured and compassionate man. One that can own his own lawn care business if he wants to.  That means, that his son should not harbor any fears or inadequacies about himself. Therefore, when he was going through a phase where he liked to dress up in skirts, his dad joined him in solidarity and wore one too.


This Dad Spent 13 Years On His Daughter’s Graduation Gift


Bryan Martin gave his daughter Breanna a copy of Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” as her graduation present. She though it was just a book she loved. But, it was so much more than that. For the past 13 years, ever since she was in kindergarten, he got her every teacher, coach, and other mentors to write something special for her in this book. Needless to say, it left her tearful to read all that her mentors had to say about her.


The Ultimate Halloween Costume

This kid suffers from Spina bifida, which binds him to a wheelchair. But, his dad wasn’t going to let any stupid birth defect hamper his son’s fun at the Halloween. Therefore, he custom-built an ice cream truck for his kid, and turned the wheelchair into an amazing vehicle that every child around the world loves.


His Son Has His Own Space Simulator

Daniel Sherrouse possibly set a new bar for dads out there. When he came to know that his wife was pregnant, he spent the next ten months outfitting a trailer with everything from dashboards and equipment, to controls, and what not, to transform it into a spaceship cockpit. Of course, most of the equipment is just for show. But, his kid can play Pioneer Space Simulator on one of the screens. Daniel has plans to equip the simulator with more equipment in the future to stoke interest for science in his son.


This Dad Let his Creative Skills at Work

Mothers and Fathers have a completely different way of parenting. While mothers tend to me more careful and cautious about their children, fathers add the spice of adventure and excitement into life. Although the baby in this picture is too small to understand this, she has one hell of a dad. Humor like this is what makes the highly exhausting job of parenting a better experience, both for the kids and the father. This baby will grow up to be one happy child.