Best Celebrity Dads

No matter how busy dads are, they always make time for their family. Whether they are celebrities, who keep traveling the world for shooting movies, or pop stars on constant world tours, they make sure that they spend some quality time with their kids as much as possible. Here is the list of the celebrity dads we love for the love they shower on their kids.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has been one of the most kindhearted dads in Hollywood. Along with his wife, Angelina Jolie, he has adopted three children, Maddox, Pax and Zahara, who belong to different ethnicities and countries. They also have three kids together, Shiloh is their first born, and they have the twins, Knox and Vivienne. Not only has Brad been an amazing father to all the kids, but the couple has generated millions by selling the pictures of their newborn babies, which they promptly donated to different charities.


Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine may be a mean killing machine on the screen. But, in real life, he is like any other dad, with a heart full of love for his adopted kids – Oscar and Ava. In fact, his fans are often pleasantly surprised, when they see this highly accomplished actor locked in snowball fights with his adorable and loving daughters.


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is one of the coolest dads you will find in Hollywood. He is very involved in his children’s life. You will find him everywhere from accompanying his kids at sporting events to playing in the park with them. In fact, he does everything that any normal dad does with their kids. From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear that his kids even know what a heartthrob their dad is. Clearly, their dad wants them to enjoy life, just like any regular kid their age would.


Johnny Depp

We know him best as the cunning, reckless, ruthless, and pillaging pirate of the Caribbean. He has played everything from some of the darkest characters to the most heartwarming roles in movies. However, when he is around his children, Lily-Rose and John, the only role that matters to him is that of a father. He has largely kept them out of media’s eyes, and has shielded them from all the limelight. But, one thing that can be clearly said about him is that he will never have a dearth of costumes to entertain his kids, considering his wide repertoire of some really interesting costumed character roles.


Will Smith

Will has always been one of the most down-to-earth celebrities in Hollywood. Anyone who has watched him on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will surely find it hard to imagine him as a father. But, now he is a father to three kids and a very responsible one at that. He has always had a great relationship with his kids. In the video, Just the Two of Us, Will can be seen goofing around with his eldest son, Trey. Also, his support for his son, Jaden’s career is widely known. Although we are certainly distressed with Jaden’s words of wisdom from time to time, his father won’t be giving up on his son anytime soon. That we respect.