5 Signs That You have an Awesome Dad

Fathers love us unconditionally. They will happily give the whole world away just for our happiness. Although they may not always be very expressive, they always love us unconditionally. We are the apple of their eyes, the little angels, whom they will protect against every evil in the world. It is not always easy to see what makes your father the most awesome man you will ever meet. But, the following signs should be enough to let you know how lucky you are to have that man in your life.


He is Your True BFF

No kidding. You may have a best friend in school, college, or even on that summer camp. But, time and distance tend to push you apart and force you to find new friends in life. Amidst all that change that your life undergoes, your father will always be the one constant best friend in your life. He was your best friend when you were in kindergarten. He was your best friend when you needed some advice in your teenage years. He will be your best friend later in your life, when you want wisdom beyond your years.


He Taught You True Love

Your very concept of ‘true love’ comes from your father. You have seen him respect, value, and adore your mother like a queen. Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your father has ruined you for good. You can never settle for anything less than what your father had and showed for your mother. That’s great because you deserve true love too.


You Have Learned Everything Good From Him

Your Father protects his family with a passion unlike anything you have ever seen. Everything he does puts his family’s interest at the fore, even before his own needs. He may be hard on you and your siblings, when it is time to discipline you. But, he always understands and accepts your flaws, mistakes, and limitations. Moreover, you always know you can find the best solutions to all your problems when you go to him. His unselfish spirit has left an indelible mark on you, and you aim to be as awesome a parent as him, one day.


He is Your Happy Man

He is always so proud of you that he is telling everyone he knows about you all the time. Whether it is a party or a family reunion, chances are that the loudest man present is your father. His hearty and exhilarating laughs never fail to bring a smile on your face. Well, let’s face it. Dad jokes are not always the best. But, you simply can’t help but join in the fun. He truly has an irresistible charm about himself.


He is Always There

Your life can go through the roughest phases. You might even feel completely lost at times. People may leave you. But, your father is always there like a rock support for you. Whether it is to fix your bike’s flat tire, to watch you at your sporting events, or whenever there is something important going on with your life, whether it is good or bad, you can always count on him to be there. Just to make you feel warm.


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